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Santarem, Portugal

Tel: +351 919670984

Contact: Mario Montez
Email: Send Inquiry

Type of Business: Manufacturer, Exporter/Importer
Harmonized System Codes: 7108

Business Message

I MÁRIO MONTEZ with full legal representation, Mandatory Worldwide to work on behalf of SELLERS and BUYERS, with negotiations and contract agreements of his assets: 'RAW GOLD and ROUGH DIAMONDS' at the required Buy and Sell procedures within regulations commercial and banking rules as to issue and sign FULL CORPORATE OFFERS (FCO) and SALLES AND PURCHASE AGREEMENT in the capacity of MARKET DIRECTOR.

* I’M LOOKING FOR “END BUYERS” worldwide who seek to do business seriously and safely, both in FOB as well as in CIF condition with suppliers already verified.

* I'm looking for END SELLERS who are available to sign an agreement: "Memorandum of Understanding and Mandate Letter”, which establishes my legal representation of sale of seller’s product including approval the conditions, terms and sales procedures with which I work with all sellers, and along this agreement should send all “Seller's documents” and “past references which may be verifiable”. (without this complete and verified process, there is never any chance of working together)

NOTE THAT: In my relationship with Sellers, I do not accept any involvement or connection with or through Representatives, Mandates, Brokers or any other kind of person, ..

Interested Sellers and Buyers should contact us directly through our mail

Thank you for your attention.
Very truly yours

Mr. Mário Montez
Mandate - Buy and Sell – Raw Gold and Diamonds
E-mail: infoATmario-montezDOTcom or own.geralATgmailDOTcom
SkypeID: own.geral

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